Book a gynecology appointment fast

The gynecology department at RocklandMD private medical clinic provides rapid access to experienced gynecologists. The clinic offers quick appointments for consultations and minor gynecology emergencies. Please note that our physicians do not offer pregnancy follow-ups. These services are offered at the RocklandMD Private Medical Clinic in
the Town of Mount Royal and downtown Montreal.

7 Reasons for consulting a gynecologist


Gynecological exam


Screening for and, if necessary, treatment of STIs

(sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections)




Women’s health


Prevention and treatment of osteoporosis


Menopause and perimenopause monitoring


Hormone therapy

The gynecologists who practice at the RocklandMD Private Medical Clinic are not members of the Régime d’assurance maladie du Québec (Quebec Health Insurance Plan). This choice is based on the practice style of the physician, which focuses on
patient care and follow-up.

Procedures and exams available at the clinic:

• Loop diathermy (LEEP)

• Endometrial biopsy

• Vulvar biopsy

• Cautery or removal of a lesion

• Colposcopy

• Cryotherapy

• HPV screening

• Cervical polyp excision

• Vaginal tumour excision

• Vulvar tumour excision

• Hymenectomy

• Diagnostic hysteroscopy (in office)

• Pessary insertion

• IUD insertion or removal

• ThinPrep® test: cytological exam of cervical samples in liquid phase and screening for human papillomavirus (HPV)

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